To the Editor:

There is a meeting coming up on August 20, 21 and 22 at the Event Center, 2600 East Street, Baker City. It is probably one of the most important meetings on teaching Coordination you ever have had the chance to attend.

It gives you the tools to stop the over reach of the Forest Agencies. We need to stop their benign neglect of our forest, blaming everything on the off road users and other forest activities. We need to stop the shutting down our roads because of silt might get in a creek. Or a salmon that needs help or some other species in distress.

I know $150 for a three day conference is a lot of money to come up with. But what we will lose if we don’t stand up and be counted is much, much more. If you can’t attend please donate to help off set the cost of the event. To attend or donate or for more information please call Lorrie at 541-519-5470, or stop by her office open Monday through Friday at 3370 10th St., Suite C here in Baker City.

We are running out of bullets, and this is the last stand to make a difference on our PUBLIC Forest lands, please help make a difference.

Chuck Chase

Baker City

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