To the Editor:


Reading the Chieftain is always entertaining. Sometimes the articles and editorials touch on real-world issues. Climate change: That is no longer a question. Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree. I would strongly recommend county residents walk outdoors and look at the sky. If you don’t believe your eyes, consult NASA, The BBC, or any other respected authority. Those white lines were not put there by God.

Water usage? Who’s water is it? Does damming it make it yours?

Washington State has sued people (and businesses) for collecting rain water. They say all rain belongs to the state.

WOTUS editorial: “In the beginning, farm and ranch groups...” Really? I understand the first rule of business is, “Protect the money stream.” Reporting a story opens the door to spin. Businesses spin every story to protect their interests. What about an honest discussion among equals? Every resident of Wallowa county breathes the same air; We all walk on the same ground; and we all get wet when it rains.

Sunlight creates shadows. That is a simple scientific fact. I strongly recommend coming out of the shadows — out of the black-and-white illusion, and viewing all the issues affecting county resident with the bright colors of the day.

David Hiatt


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