To the editor:

Jesus warned against a cavalier attitude

Life went on and the fanatic kept building a ship the size of a football field and talking about rain, whatever that was. So they didn’t pay any attention. He preached and preached. He gave invitation after invitation. And then the last day of opportunity passed by, and someone, somewhere, felt the first raindrop that fell.

Then the heavens opened up and the fountains of the great deep broke loose, and God closed the door to the Ark.

Peter the Apostle has a word to say about this. Notice the startling parallels with today’s world. What is Peter saying> He’s saying the time before Christ’s return will be just as it was during Noah’s day. And because God’s judgment didn’t appear on their monthly calendars, the people assumed it couldn’t be real. The National Day of Prayer is not listed on about 90% of the calendars we have today.

I have not heard of or seen anything about something being done, or prayer meetings being held. But I would like to add that our church in Wallowa is having worship services every Sunday at 11 a.m. in our cars in the parking lot, and we see more people are coming every Sunday.

There is an old Dutch proverb: What is heaviest must weigh heaviest.

Roger Weishoff


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