To my amazed Republican and Democratic friends, I did not switch parties. I just mistakenly switched computer files. And to my father who once gave me a dictionary as a Christmas present, I now know the definition of "hubris."

And to the editor of the Chieftain, thank you for you patience.

Now, here is the correct computer file letter:

$500,000 For the upgrading of our Fairgrounds! I welcomed that news.

During my tenure on the fair board, we began the much-needed upgrading of those facilities, scraping funds together from the state, the county and donations, and welcoming volunteers to do the work when possible. $500,000 will go a long ways toward ensuring our community asset will be ready for events for many more years.

But there is irony in this news. Our Republican Rep. Bentz voted against the source of this money — The American Rescue Plan. In fact, all of the Republicans in both the House and the Senate voted against this act.

I guess giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy politicians’ friends in 2017 was an acceptable way to for Republicans to add a trillion to the deficit, but money for our communities (and us common folk) is just not worthy of their votes.

June Colony


Editor's note: A letter received from June Colony that ran June 30 was inadvertently sent, and was a letter previously submitted in 2020. The intended letter is above.

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