Wallowa County protesters are angry. That is not surprising. What is surprising, is the anti-vaxxers and the unmaskers are angry at the governor for trying to make them safe. One has only to check the data to realize there are hospitals with no beds for patients with kidney stones, most elective surgeries, cancer, etc. They are full of a pandemic of anti-vaxxers and the un-masked.

We all want to get back to a normal life and put this pandemic behind us. So long as this pandemic rages, it creates a petri dish to generate new variants of the COVID-19 virus. Most people have taken the vaccination to protect themselves and their families. A mask is still required because this pandemic is still a fact of life and will be while a minority of people ignore the data and insist on listening to and responding to misinformation.

President Biden and Gov. Brown have taken steps to end this pandemic by requiring additional vaccinations and masking. Can we get past the posturing and sabotaging the health and well-being of our nation?

David Ebbert


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