In my opinion, it may be time the citizens of Joseph take a moment to reflect on the duties of the Joseph City Council. The first priority of the council is to maintain a safe, financially stable and hopefully vibrant city for all citizens. That task may sound simple but it's not. It is very difficult to try to balance the, sometimes, diverse needs of the citizens with the needs of the business community since both are important. The all volunteer, seven member Council devotes many hours each week reading and studying materials and information in order to make knowledgeable decisions in the best interest of the MAJORITY of the citizens the MAJORITY of the time. It would be an impossible task to please everyone all the time. The City Council must act as a single governing body. The mayor is the head of the council but the entire council, as a whole, makes all the decisions on all policy issues. No one council member has the ability or authority to create policy. There is usually a great deal of discussion involving all council members, and often times citizens, before a vote is taken on any issue. The Joseph City Council functions in accordance to the City Charter and the Council Rules. Both the Charter and

the rules are available to any citizen at any time from Joseph City Hall. I encourage all citizens to obtain a copy of both in order to clearly understand the role of the city council. I have attended numerous council meetings during the past several years. During each meeting the agenda allows for public comment. This is a public forum provided to citizens, whether a Joseph resident or not, to voice opinions and to comment on policy. I encourage anyone with questions or comments regarding the policy decisions before the council to attend meetings and voice those questions and/or comments. Please check out the facts before forming opinions on any decision made by the council. Take a minute to call city hall and schedule appointments with any of the councilors if you question why they support or don't support a specific issue. Their answers may lend insight on the inner workings of Joseph City Government. I seldom hear any citizens speak of their gratitude to these seven hardworking people for taking on the responsibility of governing our city. Hopefully the next time you see Teresa, Marty, Pearl, Kathy, Tanya, Lisa or Patty you will take a minute and convey your gratitude for their donation of time and energy in keeping Joseph a great place to live.

I offer the entire Joseph City Council my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the time you volunteer to make Joseph the place I want to live!

Kathy Bingham


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