An open letter to Commissioner Susan Roberts:

We would like to ask you to consider your behaviors as an elected county official.

Two examples: A recent comment attributed to you in the local newspaper has left many of us questioning your motives. You issued what could be considered a threat, printed in rather large print on the front page of the Chieftain on June 3, above the fold and repeated in the body of an article about requesting Phase 2 opening by Friday, June 5.

“I've already told them that if they hold us up, I'm going to drive down to Salem and ... ” That seems a highly inappropriate remark in these times of heightened tension. No one can read your mind, or what might've been at the end of that “and” — but it certainly leaves one feeling that you have abdicated your responsibility as an elected official to behave circumspectly — to tamp down, not ramp up, emotions.

Finally, you are known to treat with a great deal of disrespect those of us who take the pandemic seriously, rolling your eyes when someone appears at a public gathering wearing a mask, or when masks are required. Alternatively, you've been openly critical of peaceful demonstrators not wearing masks, of which there were very few, when the matter was not something of which you approved.

Recently, you used astonishingly vulgar language to follow up with the eye roll directed at a mask wearer. You know to what we refer, Ms. Roberts. We expect better behavior from a county commissioner. We suspect many of us do, and we trust you'll give our suggestion your most serious and thoughtful consideration.

Dan Blair, Lt. (jg) USN (Ret) and Jan Blair


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