People who camp and hunt on Hancock land need to be aware of the changes. Camping on their land is no longer free. You will be charged $35 to $300 per night. They will be patrolling the area to see where people are and what they are doing. You will be told to pay or leave. If you do not, they will call the police and charge you with trespassing. If this happens you will be banned from Hancock land for life.

Day use is still free. If people abuse their new regulations they will close their land to everyone.

My partner, Bill, has been camping and hunting on Boise Cascade land for over 50 years. I have been hunting and camping with him for 10 years. Hancock clear cuts the land and this makes the game move farther away.

Go to and search "Sled Springs" on your computer, or call Eric at 541-786-1119. People need to know this.

Hazel Ortega


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