This seems to have become quite an issue at Wallowa Lake, and needs to be addressed. I am sick of trying to put in or take out our boat at the boat launch on the north end of the lake. People are sunbathing, diving or fishing off the dock (all of which is illegal). Boaters are trying to dock, while tripping over people apparently not bright enough to get out of the way.

The other ongoing issue are the brain-dead people that park, lock and leave their cars in the only boat prep area. The other day I had to park out of the way, while taking out my boat trailer fender on a cement border, trying to get around those parked in the wrong place. These issues need addressed and enforced.

The "No loitering" sign for the boat dock needs removed and placed on the first post at eye level. As it stands now, people would actually have to make the effort to look up to see the sign. Enforcement, however seems to be lacking at the lake. Been there a number of times and have yet to see the sheriff on the lake, or at the lake. I have also noticed the county boat docks are still in the south-end parking lot. All private docks had to be on the lake by May 15, yet there they sit. It appears the sheriff's office has yet to figure out its actual duties. Previously we never had this problem?

Doug Dutton


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