The man we elected to the U.S. House of Representatives had an important choice to make in his first week in office. The choice was to support democracy and freedom or to support fascism and anarchy.

Unfortunately, Cliff Bentz made the wrong choice. Along with 138 other Republicans, Mr. Bentz voted to overturn the presidential election that Joe Biden won by eight million votes. No doubt he was pressured into doing this by more-senior members in the House. And that is what is wrong with our elected officials today. They cannot think for themselves but feel they have to follow the party line. The Republican party line these days seems to be to attempt to win every election no matter what the cost.

Over 80 million voters cast their ballot for Joe Biden, despite the misinformation spewed out on social media. In addition, the Republicans lost control of the Senate, largely due to the incompetency and lack of moral values of the president. Rep. Bentz took an oath to defend the Constitution. So far he has failed to do that. My hope is that in the future he will abide by that oath.

Ken Hohmann


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