I wish to write about something that most people know nothing about. This is not a conspiracy theory but is a reality. In fact, it is right above your very heads.

What am I referring to? In two words, chem trails.

Most days you can look up and see what I’m talking about. The other day I took a walk on the old Indian trail that goes around the cell tower here in Wallowa and counted over 35 of these wonderful trails. Our government has denied they are real. They have finally admitted to them recently.

What are they spraying in the air for us to breathe in 24 hours a day? There are four main known particles besides “who knows what else.” I have no access to the net so I can only remember two, barium and aluminum. The other two you can get on the net at www.geoengineering.com.

I encourage all to go to this site and get informed. These planes that are doing the spraying are both commercial and military. Now for the reason that they give for doing this weird stuff: “global warming.”

The idea is, these chemicals are reflecting the light back to the sun, cooling us down, saving us all. I don’t know about you, but I think that is God’s job. Man thinks that he can change and control this stuff? Give me a break. Is anyone else out there buying this stuff? I sure hope not.

Patrick Wilson


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