I’m writing to voice my disgust with the Chieftain's lack of balance and taste in its comic section. It seems the Chieftain has a bad case of "Trump Derangement Syndrome" and is posting annoying, disrespectful comics depicting our president in any negative and false way they can come up with.

Probably over half of Wallowa County will vote to reelect Trump and you take very lightly our opinions and use every opportunity to insult us. Is this what our local newspaper is for? It seems “our” paper has jumped on the bandwagon of the national mainstream media to use its platform to spread an agenda that is mostly unpopular here.

Where is the balance? Where are the funny comics of Joe Biden’s dementia-riddled campaign gaffes? If you are going to be haters, spread it around. I’m tired of it. Enough.

Many of us respect our country and our president. Stop this left-biased agenda you give your paper over to, or I will stop my subscription and I have no doubt others feel the same way. I dare you to print this.

Juli Soots


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