I have to give a little flak to Rich Wandschneider over his article to "Republican Friends" three weeks ago.

I don't know if I qualify as a friend, although I've known Rich since he came to Wallowa County. His bent toward Democrat ideals is well known in the county through his numerous journalistic endeavors. I'm sure he has read the previous letters from Democrats that have appeared in this paper since the election. My understanding was that they were calling for an end to the partisan divide and asking for unity to move our country forward with civility and peace.

I'm sorry to say I didn't see that in Rich's article as he railed on the former president. In fact, the details he relayed were almost exclusively about personal aspects of his life, not any policies he implemented while in office. And passing on second-hand, subjective comments doesn't add credibility, civility or substance to your column, Rich, especially since Trump is now out of office.

I think the Bible says to pick the log out of our own eye before picking at the sliver in someone else's. Your new pick for president has already angered many elements of his base with policy changes in his first week in office that have crushed jobs, ruined women's sports and demolished border safety. That's fair game in politics, but there are personal things about Biden that I'm sure Democrats won't care to be seeing in print.

You might, however, try some of the rhetoric your party is promoting, (you know, peace and civility), just to see how good it works with the locals and your "Republican friends."

Connie Dunham


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