In her Nov. 28 opinion column, Anita VanGrunsven quotes Joseph Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1953, was a U.S. WWII ally against the Germans, a dictator and a monster of executions and ethnic cleansing.

If you Google “Stalin quotes,” it will be listed in the top three. Or you can go to Breitbart and find that Stalin is their new meme, right out of their conspiracy playbook.

The quote concerns vote-counting, and the column writer claims “Democrats are demonstrating their complete admiration ...” for this man. This is utterly false.

The disrespect of this accusation begs the question: Does VanGrunsven realize Democrats are her neighbors? We’d pull her from a ditch on a snowy day. We’d pay $200 at a pie auction to help in a crisis.

We donate just like Republicans to keep the hospital going. We volunteer for Lions Club and Rotary and Soroptimist. We help with numerous events, support school sports and summer camps.

We work in the schools, medical offices on ranches and in businesses. No one should assume whom I, or any other Democrat, admire. Ask me. I can assure you it will not be Stalin or Hitler or Putin or Kim Jong-un.

Political discourse has always been rough and tumble. One only needs to look at historical handbills and posters to see that. But in the last few years, it has become ugly, mean and undermining of society as a stable element in the ability of every citizen to live a life of justice in the pursuit of happiness.

My hope is my local community newspaper will not add to this discord and coarsening of public dialogue by allowing a free-for-all of insults and falsehoods. I am ending with a quote that needs no citation: “Love thy Neighbor.”

Catherine Matthias


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