I would like to request that people quit dumping their cats on Alder Slope and other populated rural areas. It may look wild up here, but there are residences all over the Slope. We struggle with a steady stream feral cats, mostly unneutered males, arriving to attack our gentle, neutered barn cats and steal their food and shelter.

I am told by the local Humane Society abandoning animals is illegal in Oregon. You can check with them as to what the penalty might be. I’m sorry if you have a problem, but please take your own responsibility and don’t put it on others. Veterinarians will put down unwanted animals for a fee.

Recently, my husband and I observed a pickup which stopped a few hundred feet from our house. As we watched, the driver and a passenger stepped out of the pickup. We observed someone going to the rear. We then saw a black cat running from the truck, across the field toward our barns. A black male cat has been at our house, harassing our cats and eating their food.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sharon McEwan


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