In response to a thoughtful letter by Evan Bryan concerning south-end evacuation plans of the lake, I want to argue that to funnel traffic involving large RV’s, camping trailers and rigs pulling boats over Lake Shore Road (a road already busy in summer with local and short-term rental traffic, a roadside there used for parking docks, trailers and numerous cars) is a lack of local awareness and reasonable planning.

Lake Shore Road has narrow passages, drops steeply at its northern end and then joins Old Ski Run Road with more traffic. The road then proceeds toward town through a series of 15 mph, 90-degree turns, another bottleneck. How would any emergency vehicle called to Lake Shore Road to fight fire, etc. possibly have access?

It seems absurd to insist that a multimillion dollar road rebuild is more logical than implementing a modern early-warning system and an evacuation plan over two lanes of good road to the east.

The main benefactors of road rebuilding will be contractors and an asphalt batch plant!

Boyd McAvoy


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