I read with interest the story (printed in the Chieftain's July 8, 2020, issue) in Out of the Past, 100 years ago, July 8, 1920, about the shooting the day before of 15-year-old Thelma Caudle of Lostine.

Thelma Caudle was my father's sister. At the time of the story, 100 years ago, it was reported that the bullet had been removed from her abdomen, but she was "not out of danger yet."

The rest of the story is this: Thelma Caudle died of her injury three days after being shot. This was before my birth in January of 1925, but Thelma was always remembered in the Caudle family; I grew up with the tragic story. There were no repercussions for the 15-year-old boy who shot her, as he claimed it was unintentional. However, as an adult he ended up in prison, and years later died there.

Rhee (Caudle) Lathrop


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