Responding to John Kaufman: I marvel at the ability of one person to reach in such a short, concise manner new heights in hypocrisy, new lows in self-awareness and for good measure, some awesome examples of paranoia and conspiracy theory — reeducation and deprogramming hit just the right note.

He bemoans the “torrent of hatred” from “lefties" while his next sentence describes President Biden as an “old corrupt-o-crat,” and he continues to spew vitriol and vent his rage at those who might dare to disagree.

Well done sir, well done. I especially enjoyed his closing statement: “This is what you voted for. Enjoy,” as if a Biden supporter would already be so disillusioned that the “unity” hasn’t come to pass yet, that’d we’d be longing for the good old days when a president entered office speaking of American carnage and went on to spend four years embroiled in scandal, incompetence, impeachments, and corruption.

I do acknowledge that I am in fact enjoying having as my president a man whose life has been dedicated to service to his country, a man who understands that the presidency is not a never-ending game of golf and watching eight hours of TV a day, a man who on his first day is putting his shoulder into the neglected coronavirus response and trying to fix problems that have plagued us for the past four years.

So thanks for your invitation to enjoy. I think I will.

Mary Chlopek


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