I am an Episcopalian and a member of Lions Club International. We believe in peace and respect of all peoples.

It behooves all to behave in an honorable way and respect laws. If any of us do not, then this causes harmful outcomes. So I am expecting all persons whom I address above and all citizens of United States of America to behave in this way.

Every human is a child of God and deserves our honor.

There is entirely too much rancor, disrespect and anger among many many citizens in our country. If all leaders, Christians (including other religions), Lions and citizens who strive for a peaceful, strong country to be a respected leader in the world, all of us need to work toward this. I include all Republicans, Democrats and any other political persuasion to work together.

From this day forward, we all must respect and work together. This definitely includes our White House, Congress, Senate, Department of Justice, Supreme Court (and all courts), Department of Defense, etc. This definitely includes all states, their legislatures, courts and etc. This includes all past persons of any of the aforesaid in the early part of this paragraph!

Yes, this may be hard, as we are all fallible human beings. However, if we are not very careful, actions taken may (very likely) make things worse in our wonderful country.

I sincerely believe most Americans wish to have a country that allows and encourages all to follow the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Bill Taylor


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