To the editor:

After reading Karla Holmes’ letter to the editor (October 31), followed by Andi Mitchell (November 14) and Catherine Matthias (December 5), this letter may seem redundant and unnecessary. We believe however the sentiments written by those three cannot be expressed too frequently or too strongly. All three chastise the level of discourse in Ms. VanGrunsven’s column (and letters to the editor).

There is a difference between free speech and hate speech, and the two must not be conflated. “Let’s Roll” may give voice to views that many conservatives feel are under-expressed, but it does them no favors.

Since inception “Let’s Roll” has been inflammatory, inaccurate, illogical and insulting. Most importantly, it does nothing to inform the reader of important issues, rather it only deepens the divide between different views at at time when what is badly needed is thoughtful conversation that is respectful of different opinions.

Before the sentiments in Let’s Roll do real harm to the fabric of our community, a community in which individuals with widely differing opinions and beliefs manage to care for and about one another, we ask that the editor reflect on these issues. Surely there are potential authors of a conservative column that reach across the divide rather than making it wider and deeper.

Miles McFall, George Oja, Cheryl Oja, Terry Polk, Ron Polk, Janet Pulsifer, Don Swart, Ralph Swinehart

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