I just love it when some political writer insinuates that they can read my mind and tell us how to think. The people that want to share our politics with Idaho are a disgruntled few, so that leaves nearly half the county voters as...?

Why must we be put in a labeled bucket just because we do not support your particular values or party? At least some of us are not so interested in having the Oregon leadership telling us to spend our taxes on illegal immigrants and people who simply will not take a job even when many are available.

We want justice that is fair to all and equally enforced. Many of us would be willing to pay more in taxes to have more rights and freedom than we presently have. We do not believe in government that extends a declared emergency to indefinitely extend their control over our lives. Many of their rules are proving they did not follow the science and were of questionable value. I do not believe that the mass of people living and polluting the westside should tell me how to live and think.

Guess I am too independent for others to tell me how to live in my locale. Let us be free to think and do as we choose instead of telling us we are not intelligent enough to take care of ourselves. Let us be free Western Americans wanting to chose our own way instead of being the sheep that just follows. If you don't like the way we think, then give us native Oregonians your approval to join a different government without leaving our homes. Let us decide if we will be the loser. 

Evidently, our freedoms are worth more to us than you. Are you willing to sell your freedom for a little less taxes and be chained to the Oregon political machine?

John Isley


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