I read the article in the latest Chieftain, regarding Oregon SB501. The article said it would require you to get a permit for any gun transaction. The article fails to mention, it is much more than that.

SB501 requires: (1) A ban on magazines holding more than five rounds. (2) Limits purchases to 20 rounds per month. (3) Permits for gun purchases. (4) Background check on ammo purchase. And (5) 14 day waiting period.

SB501 is without a doubt the worst gun law proposal yet, with more hidden problems than one can see. This bill was conceived by a “church” group in Portland, along with some Lake Oswego students. Apparently by people that know little to nothing about guns, but seek to disarm the legal gun owners of Oregon. Make no mistake.

This is a direct attack on the Second Amendment rights of every legal gun owner in Oregon. Everyone needs to contact Salem and voice their opposition to such insanity. Remember the “mid-terms”, when the wishes of 5 counties, outweighed the votes in the rest of the 31 counties in Oregon. If you don’t think something like this could ever pass, you would be mistaken.

It is time for the rest of Oregon to voice its opinion, in no uncertain terms. These attacks on the rights of Oregonians, perpetrated by the Liberals on the West side, has to come to an end. Pay attention people. Your rights are on the line, yet once again. What are you going to do?

Doug Dutton

Joseph, Oregon

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