Protesters demand freedom from mask and vaccine mandates, claiming personal choice. For most medical decisions, I would agree.

However, the coronavirus is highly contagious and the anti-vax community chooses to ignore this fact. When you become infected, OK fine, that resulted from a personal choice not to protect yourself. But then you will likely infect a few more people — who will it be? Someone you live with? A child? Your co-worker? Someone you sit behind in church? Someone in line with you at the grocery?

I am mystified by your version of choice, which could rob others of their choice to remain healthy. Please think of those you care about, not just yourself.

By the way, Oregon and Washington have consistently been in the top 10 states for lowest incidences of coronavirus cases as a percentage of population. Oregon is currently fifth best. Our governors and their expert advisers deserve credit.

Diane Alexander

Walla Walla, Washington

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