In printing Maury Bunn’s letter (Trump's accomplishments are numerous, Sept. 2, 2020), you basically printed, word for word, portions of a White House briefing statement from Jan. 20, 2019. Is that a standard for letters to the editor?

As a journalism student I was taught that it was important to avoid bias in reporting, unless you were writing an opinion editorial. So I feel sad to see how so many popular media outlets today have chosen to put financial gain above true reporting. They want viewers for their advertisers, they want clickbait, they want to emphasize the outrage over the facts, and now it’s what readers and viewers start to crave. And most follow their favorite outlet without doing much critical thinking.

Is Trump lying? Is Biden lying? What level of hyperbole is to be accepted from politicians? As this election comes down to the wire, the president’s statements serve to make the gulf larger between Americans. Militia groups have become so emboldened that they think nothing of taking their weapons into the streets, intimidating and even killing innocent Americans whose crime is not thinking like they do. This is happening now, though the president says it will happen if Joe Biden wins the election. Nothing about that makes sense to me.

Bob Woodward’s interviews and President Trump’s public statements show a major disconnect between the president’s behind-the-scenes knowledge and his public behavior. Could President Trump have worked behind the scenes to start getting PPE and other supplies in place starting back in January when he says he received information about the severity of the virus that became a pandemic, while still keeping a calm for the public as he said he wanted to do? The misleading and inconsistent information at the beginning of the pandemic created confusion and eventually led to a major loss of life.

This president does not like to be unpopular. Everything he’s done since being elected has been about getting re-elected. There are thousands of instances of his lying or misleading the public since he took office. Those are documented facts, not opinions. I, for one, do not trust him to lead our country for four more years.

Stanlynn Daugherty


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