Normally, I don’t waste my precious spare time responding to liberal narratives, without attribution (unsubstantiated). The exception this time is to educate a respected fellow entrepreneur. Kate (Kristie Athens) is enterprising enough to follow up with the real research, instead of relying on a discredited, revisionist reference site such as Wikipedia. Any cancel culture, pajama boy living in his parent’s basement can add or delete content on this site.

To your point, “Hate groups shouldn’t be given public platforms," BLM and antifa are by definition marxist, anti-American, anti-nuclear family, fascist, terrorist organizations that promote the overthrow of the United States, through political violence. For example, “Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon.”

Police are not a “pinch point,” rather the constitutionally designated law-and-order representatives empowered to implement laws passed by the duly elected representatives of the citizenry.

This erosion of traditional American values has always been the goal of marxist and communist organizations throughout our history. They have sought to overthrow our country and destroy the only system ever in the history of the world to uphold inalienable rights given to the people by God and not government.

Respect is earned, not expected. Systematic racism is an excuse for not trying. What will stop young Black youths from dying is for their parents to teach the three “Cs" when approached by law enforcement — comply to directions, confirm understanding of what is being directed and, most importantly, complain later. Resisting arrest is a decision.

Jennifer Ballard


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