With 30+ years of diverse law enforcement experience, a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms, and an outstanding reputation for taking charge of, and resolving any issue/situation he encounters, Steve Rogers is my choice for sheriff.

Steve possesses a compassionate, common sense approach to law enforcement.

He has a “command presence” whenever he appears in a meeting, or crisis situation. When he speaks, people listen and jump into action. Steve always takes full responsibility for his actions. “The buck stops with him!”

I’ve witnessed several intense incidents over the years where Steve’s experience, patience and leadership skills were exemplary: When several transients attempted to move into in a cabin near my house,  I notified Steve of my concern, and the transients were gone the next day! On another occasion, a  mentally challenged woman who was not capable of taking care of herself threatened a neighbor in Joseph. Steve made an immediate investigation. He was able to relocate the woman to a mental care facility in western Oregon that was capable of caring for the woman’s needs. Both of these issues were accomplished quietly, effectively, and without any public fanfare.

Over the years, there have been a few domestic incidents where a person was being threatened with a gun. Steve was able to tactfully resolve these conflicts without injury to the individuals.

Steve’s reputation was directly responsible for his unanimous election to the Executive Board of the Western States Sheriffs Association. And he was recently elected by the sheriffs to serve as 2022 President of the association!

Steve served as President of the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Committee for several years during troubled times. He implemented many needed improvements, and consequently the Rodeo emerged stronger under his astute leadership. He has served a total of 25 years on the rodeo committee in various capacities.

Denny Kehl,

Joseph, Oregon

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