When Donald Trump realized Biden was ahead in the polls he started complaining how mail-in ballots were totally crooked. They aren’t.

He started disassembling U.S. Post Offices, but that was such an insane idea he was forced to stop. He lost the election to Joe Biden by over 7 million votes. This has been the closest-watched election in American history. Numerous forced recounts. There is even a recording of Trump calling the attorney general of Georgia, telling him to find 12,000 new votes. He even threatened him. But the A.G. kept repeating, "Mr. President we had a very free and fair election and I am unable to lie about it, we recounted three times and it has been certified."

The whole “stop the steal” movement is completely bogus. Trump talks his most ardent supporters into storming the Capitol based on lies.

Why anyone, anywhere would believe anything Donald says is astounding to me. Think back “Obama was born in Kenya”, “My inauguration crowd was larger than Obamas!” It’s on national TV for God sakes. Refusing to show his taxes cause we will find out he bankrupted 5 businesses, not because it was smart but because he is incapable of not spending money. While those of us near his age were in the Peace Corps., the South China sea or Vietnam, Trump was being chauffeured about claiming bone spurs to avoid the draft.

Stephen Hays


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