I would like to make a few comments on the article on Bill Norman.

First, Mr. Norman, I want you to know that you did not fight the "forgotten war" in vain, nor did your comrades.

I had the privilege of serving in Korea in 1969-70. The Korean people are some of the most friendly people you could ever meet. They are very loyal and take friendships very seriously. I have never been around people before I had this tour like this.

Overall I had two friends, one my house boy, the other a Republic of Korea Marine whom I only knew for a total of eight months, whom I know would die for me to protect our friendships without a doubt. Where does one find this kind of loyalty?

There is one sad part of this war and that is after 70 years, it is still hot up at the DMZ. The war still goes on in the Z and people still die. It’s not talked about, but I had the privilege to know this while I was in country, and I know it’s still going on. I believe that people will always be at war until our Savior returns.

I want to say one more thing before I close. I want everyone to know that I lost my best friend at the time, Donny Homor Wilson, 19 years old, in a so-called war called Vietnam. This war was for nothing. But let his name always be remembered as one who gave his life to protect us. Rest in peace my friend, amen.

There are many more wars that this country gets involved with that take our men and women. I have to ask why this country does this? Does anyone have an answer?

Patrick Wilson


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