Oh, lefties, lefties, lefties. What is it with this torrent of hatred on the editorial page, and especially in the letters to the editor column? Do you not know that your president, the old corrupt-o-crat Joe Biden, has called for unity and healing? Or has unity and healing been redefined as reeducation, deprogramming and outright destruction as so many on the left are calling for these days?

You need to realize something, lefties — no matter how pure your orthodoxy, it will never be enough. There is nothing the left enjoys more than putting each other on trial for heresy. Somewhere, over the decades, you have said something on social media that someone can take offense at. When it is discovered, you too, will know the joy of being doxxed, harassed, fired from your job and, very likely, physically assaulted by your fellow lefties.

This is what you voted for. Enjoy.

John Kaufman


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