To the Editor:

Last week’s letter-writer accusing our President of having the “character of a Dictator” fails to explain what that “character” has done for this country. Since this “alleged Dictator” has occupied the White House, our GDP is up, our unemployment is down, our welfare recipient numbers are down, our NATO allies are paying their fair share, UN occupants of a New York building are paying more toward a fair share, etc., etc., etc. Is it possible that his nepotism has installed some assistance that actually is capable of “running a business” as opposed to those with legal degrees that typically inhabit the White House and Congress? Also, if one were to take a hard look at nepotism, one should ask if it was involved when Hunter Biden’s father, our Vice President at the time, secured his son’s board positions on international companies for which he had not an inkling of experience. Just saying . . . . . .

Maury Bunn

Enterprise, OR

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