I respectfully submit a rebuttal to Mr. Bunn’s letter of December 25, 2019 . If we consider the great things Mr. Trump claims to have accomplished during his administration, we should also consider broken campaign promises he has made. Promises, both failed and ignored, in addition to many more include:

Building a great wall with Mexico’s dollars,

Balance the federal budget,

Enact term limits on congress,

Sue his accusers of sexual misconduct

Release his tax returns.

This was after two years of absolute control over the legislature.

Further, in response to the basic premise, “the danger of a monarch/dictator style government”. A leader with the character of a dictator is a danger to the government of a Democratic Republic. One has only to look at Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea or any of a dozen other countries to see the danger to each and every one of us. These are suppressed nations with no voice in government.

David Ebbert

Enterprise, OR

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