To the Editor:

This is a year we will surely all remember the rest of our lives. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected Memorial Day throughout the country in that travel is discouraged, many cemeteries do not have the veteran's graves decorated with flags and large gatherings are not taking place.

With Memorial Day earlier than usual plus May rain dictating mowing a week prior to the holiday weekend, our cemetery may have taller grass than usual today. But the grass stays green when the rains stop, thanks to your generosity. Before we all provided funding for our underground irrigation the grounds were much different. If you visit the office in the little green building when you top the hill at Enterprise Cemetery, you’ll be able see a collage of pictures taken only six years ago when gravel was surfacing over the graves of our dearly departed.

For the Friends, non profit status is still in the works as bureaucracy is slower also. One accomplishment the Friends is finalizing is the acquisition of the small triangle of land to the right as you enter the cemetery. The Seven Day Adventist Church has donated that plot to the cemetery and the Cemetery Board voted to accept it. The day will come when a second columbarium will be necessary. This plot of land could be the ideal location for that purpose. We thank the SDA!

Your yearly donations to either the Friends of Enterprise Cemetery or the Enterprise Cemetery Maintenance District has been and continues to be so valuable in closing the deficit between the insufficient tax funding and actual expense of operation. That funding and more volunteerism is absolutely vital!

Sincere appreciation for your continued support; please stay healthy,

Ella Mae Hays

Friends of Enterprise Cemetery 300 W Main St. Enterprise, OR 97828

Enterprise Cemetery District 301 SE 6th St. Enterprise, OR 97828

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