To the Editor:

The COVID-19 and recession has impacted the “non-profit, semi-government, publicly funded” post office service. The post office relies on no funding from the government but survives on only what it receives from postage and accessory sales. Requests for financial assistance from the Trump administration have been refused, apparently in favor of a “for profit” firm.

Could this be another ‘end run’ to support Trumps reelection campaign? Absentee mail-in voting with prepaid return ballots are a popular alternative to standing in line for hours at voter polling stations. It seems that Republican policy is to reduce the number voters actually voting, whether it is via gerrymandering districts, purging voter registration, reducing polling locations or requiring stringent and difficult identification. Is it only coincidental that testing, personal protective gear and ventilators have not been provided by this administration and that by executive order employees are forced to return to firms which have not provided any protections against contagion?

Whether this administration reduces the voting by controlling or making mail-in voting unavailable, voter suppression or even impacting the size of the popular vote we must be aware of the administration’s efforts to stay in power. The Republican decision to force voters to Wisconsin polls where exposure resulted in at least 50 new covid-19 cases or Oregon’s Republican congressmen leaving the State and threatening to shoot anyone coming after them, are two examples of extreme actions of this Party.

Contact our Senators and Congressman demanding they save our Post Office.

David Ebbert


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