Letter to Editor

It’s on everyone’s mind, or should be: COVID-19. Fear and panic can have a greater effect on us. We must focus. We must protect the first responders. Without them we will lose this battle. Nurses, doctors, police, fire, caregivers, etc. The news reports say we have a shortage of ventilators, masks, and protective gowns. I must ask why.

In the 1940s we mass-produced ships and planes, the infamous shipyards were buzzing to save our country. Men and women and even children worked to get it done. Let’s do it again.

Two weeks ago we had no reported cases of COVID-19 in Oregon. Then one, then three. Now, just two weeks later we have over a thousand. And we are starting to have our front line responders added to the list. This is serious. What will it be by the end of April?

We are a tourist community, a hunting mecca. Think about it. They are coming.

We must be that “guy.” Social distancing is an extreme part of this challenge.

We must fear COVID-19, not panic. Be that “guy”. Practice caution. Support our first responders in any way you can. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Richard Underwood

Lostine, Oregon.

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