To the editor:

It was with dismay that I read a recent article regarding plans for further expansion of Joseph. As a small business owner in the county, I usually welcome additional homes full of prospective customers, but these times call for considerations other than the “almighty buck.”

I have a front-row seat to observing the mindset of newcomers to our area, and have noticed a growing trend of people relocating from the coastal areas for quality-of-life. These people invariably bring with them the seeds of what they’re escaping. After settling in, they instinctively begin trying to change their surroundings to be more comfortable (diversified, subsidized, regulated, inclusive, etc) with no realization that this will destroy what attracted them here.

Although beautiful, the land here doesn’t possess magical qualities that produce the rural high-trust way of life. It’s the people, and the traditions they value, the heritage they preserve, that creates this commons - a community ‘property’ that we must protect.

These homes are likely going to be priced in the mid hundreds-of-thousands, WELL out of the range of average working-class residents. A boost to business revenue and an increase in the tax rolls means little next to the value of culture. Reciprocity is a cornerstone of our society – if these lucrative housing developments fill up with people who will unwittingly fray the fabric of rural culture, those developers and institutions are profiting at our expense.

More small business, and modest homes affordable on a single parent income are what is needed.

Travis Boyd


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