Driving around the county I see a lot of Trump-Pence signs, and I wonder what are the political issues that these supporters find so important that they want others to know they are eager to have this administration in office for another four years.

What I feel concerned about are efforts by the Trump administration to compromise two major elements of American lives and livelihoods: Social Security/Medicare and the U.S. Postal Service.

President Trump has stated that if he is reelected, he will defund Social Security and Medicare as we know it today. For years, I and other workers have been paying into Social Security and Medicare through our payroll tax deductions. And now I and millions of Americans count on those funds to help with our retirement income and medical care. To take those away and make them funded by general taxes, which are allocated at the whims of the congressional budget process, is to me, catastrophic.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’m a fan of the U.S. Postal Service. I don’t use it as much as I used to (email), but I rely on it for all the reasons it exists, not the least of which is voting by mail. We Oregonians are very fortunate. Mail-in voting is not so easy in the majority of other states in the country. Now we are faced with a pandemic that has turned the world as we knew it upside down.

So mail-in voting, which is so much safer in our current COVID world, and which has never been proven to be anything but reliable and fraud-resistant, in spite of what some impartial media suggests, is being compromised by the president’s vocal opposition to its implementation in other states across the country. He appointed a major Trump campaign donor to be postmaster general and since then, changes have caused mail sorting and delivery to be slowed down.

I believe our country is being damaged by these changes. Why would any president want to suppress voting and why would he not want to make sure that our voting rights were protected during these unusual times?

So I’m wondering what issues are so important that Trump/Pence supporters are willing to give up these two very fundamental rights — financial security and health care, and voter rights — that have been part of the fabric of our American lives up until now?

Stanlynn Daugherty


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