George W. Bush inherited an economy with a gross domestic product growth of 3.8%. He led us into two unpaid wars, the first in 2001 in Afghanistan and the second in Iraq. The cost of these is more than $2.5 trillion. He left office during the Great Recession of 2008.

Trump made his name as a great businessman through many bankruptcies, lies and cheating on the backs of broken men and businesses. He had never been a leader of a company or organization except his own family. Years ago, this personality would have been referred to as a "four flusher" and would have been fortunate if they were only run out of town.

As occupant of the White House since 2017, he inherited an economy of 3% annual growth from Obama. He has used the forgoing characteristics to enrich himself and his close mega-rich friends with a $2 trillion tax cut, while defunding many of our domestic programs, such as domestic terrorism, Planned Parenthood and pandemic preparedness.

This self-serving attitude has been obvious to most of the nation and our allies. He sees an economy measured by how well he and his friends are doing financially. Trump is focused on resurrecting an economy that has fallen off a cliff, and refuses to take action on a pandemic that has taken more lives than Vietnam and Korea combined. He and his Congress have lost sight of the fact the economy may blow hot and cold, but the dead of the pandemic are permanent.

This president is the president of destruction.

David Ebbert


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