The coronavirus pandemic, hurricanes and flooding, wildfires and the plight of refugees are fueling the division and political unrest in the United States, as well as the entire world. It is tempting to join in with the weeping and wailing and anger and blaming. And it tempts those of good will to sink into overwhelming depression and helplessness, not knowing how to deal with the suffering of so many human souls.

We forget to reflect on the courageous health providers who work long hours, sometimes unceasing, to care for the tragically sick and dying in our community and across the country. We forget to be thankful for the majority of citizens who care for the welfare of others in the community enough that they get their vaccinations and wear masks in public in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The astounding bravery of those people working to save the stranded in floods and devastation and to reconstruct the communities that are suffering is worthy of thankfulness, gratitude and praise. The tireless firefighters facing the wildfires life-threatening danger.

The American service men and women, grateful for their assistance facing the enemy in Afghanistan, are providing an example of human compassion and brotherhood. Those workers and volunteers serving homeless refugees all over the world attempt to soften the suffering of so many without food, clothing and shelter.

I thank God for the compassionate people who work for the welfare of others and provide hope for us all.

Evelyn Swart


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