I read with interest about the fever reported by the editor on Page 5 of the Dec. 29 Chieftain in reaction to his second vaccine dose. A Google search for "FDA 144637" finds a document showing adverse reactions to the Moderna vaccine. The table on page 17 for those aged 18-64 shows that 12 subjects out of 10,985 had a fever of 104F or greater, only one case required hospitalization.

Meanwhile, the death toll due to COVID in the U.S. is at 836,000, with millions having permanent disabilities. The vaccine tricks our immune system into mounting a defense against COVID, a fever is the natural result. The new omicron variant is somewhat milder than delta, but still dangerous and far more contagious. Oregon hospitals are already under severe strain, and omicron won't peak till the end of January. The Washington DOH reports that those unvaccinated between ages 35-64 are 14 times more likely than the vaccinated to require hospitalization for COVID (Google "doh.wa 421-010").

We must all come to our own conclusions about where to go for information and how to calculate the odds for the best outcome. To me the numbers indicate that it is clearly in the best interests of myself and of my community (especially for overworked hospital staff and those with other medical issues) to be vaccinated. I, too, was laid flat for a couple days after the second dose, but would vaccinate again in a heartbeat.

Jerry Gaffke


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