Rep. Greg Walden is running for re-election to represent Oregon in Congress.. His opponent is Jamie McCleod-Skinner a left-wing politician from Santa Clara, Calif., and Phoenix, Ariz.

Her website calls for a “ban on future sales of military grade weapons, including bump stocks, to civilians (if a ban fails, I would support limiting civilian use of military weapons to firing ranges, securing the weapon on site); and Government buy-back program for military grade weapons, with no resale to civilians.”

“Military grade?” All firearms have at one time or another been developed for or used by the military. If she is trying to indict modern sporting rifles, like the AR15, they function no differently than any sporting rifle built since 1900.

The AR15 cartridge (.223 Rem) is not as devastating in long-range accuracy or stopping power as the venerable 30-06 or dozens of other big game cartridges. Bump Stocks? She must know that these are a gimmick and even if they worked, our warriors already have full auto weapons.

Her website also calls for a ban on armor piercing ammunition? Currently, 18USC 921(a)(17) bans the manufacture and sale of handgun ammo that has this capability. They haven’t banned rifle ammunition, based on vest penetration, because it would ban almost every rifle cartridge made.

By her own words, her aim is to confiscate all firearms or the ammunition to make them usable. Please vote for the Constitution and re-elect Greg Walden.

Doug Wickre


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