To the Editor:

Can you please answer me this? What sort of person would rather see a whimsical cayenne-red fox shot dead and hanging from a barbed-wire fence than cavorting with its kits in a field of buttercups?

The fox den on the Ant Flat Road is a source of delight — and a photographic destination — for many who walk/bike by it on a regular basis.

I felt sick and sad at yesterday’s sighting — a fairly common human reaction to wanton killing. And while I don’t condone the quaint local custom of sport-shooting such “varmints” as badgers and coyotes, I can understand a rancher’s rationale for wanting to do so.

But a fox? I’ll wager the majority of humans have never even seen one in the wild. It’s akin to declaring open season on unicorns.

The only reason I can fathom for someone to so cavalierly snuff out such a blithe spirit is because he’s jealous of its freedom.

C.M. Sterbentz


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