Walden funded by opioid makers

After claiming he’d uphold protections for pre-existing conditions, Greg Walden drafted a bill that would have removed those critical protections. Hundreds of Wallowa County residents would have lost their healthcare. Winding Waters Medical Clinic would have seen its funding cut. Easy access to many critical services would have been lost as well as healthcare jobs.

Greg Walden recently had a closed door meeting with Wallowa County law enforcement about combating the opioid epidemic. Yet, Walden has received donations of more than $507,000 from the pharmaceutical industry just in this election cycle.

He has also received PAC contributions from dozens of pharmaceutical companies including the manufacturers and distributors of opioids. In addition, he has received individual contributions from at least three CEOs of pharmaceutical companies.

Healthcare is not a partisan issue. It is a human issue. This is one of the many reasons I endorse Jamie McLeod Skinner for Congress. Her stance on healthcare is that we need to fix our healthcare system.

Americans deserve affordable, comprehensive care, including mental health. We need to manage costs, ensure quality, support caregivers, and not exclude pre-existing conditions. She proudly has not accepted any corporate PAC donations and is funding her grass roots campaign from donations by folks that believe in the leadership she will provide.

She has spent the last 15 months traveling more than 40,000 miles to every county within the Second Congressional District to listen and hear the concerns of those she would represent.

It’s clearly time for a change. Please visit Jamie’s website at JamieForOregon.com.

Maggie Conley


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