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Perfect way to honor McCain

In a recent column, John McColgan wrote at length about the legacy of “honor” that marks the life of Sen. John McCain. With the passing of McCain, our nation has lost a truly fine and dedicated servant and patriot.

At a time that seems to be steeped in partisan bickering and finger-pointing, McCain was truly unique in his demonstrated sense of openness and cooperation toward the greater good.

I believe that the most appropriate way to honor McCain’s passing would be finally to enact legislation to establish an enhanced program for national service as envisioned in the “Call to Service Act” proposed in 2001 by McCain and Sen. Evan Bayh, a Democrat. Their bipartisan proposal sought to expand existing service programs and add new avenues for service for citizens of all ages.

McCain’s stated intent was “to give more Americans additional opportunities to serve our great country.”

The senators’ timely and efficient proposal to work with existing programs where possible fell victim to the same type of partisan haggling that we face today. It was never enacted.

Could it be that our elected public “servants” are not in favor of “service?” I can imagine John McCain looking down from above saying, “Phooey to that !”

I urge readers to do their part now to honor our late hero. Contact your congressional delegation personally and urge them to create a new “Call to Service Act” patterned after the intent of McCain..

Do it now while all can still remember the example of a person who showed us how to do it.

Mike Koloski


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