To the Editor:

Here again comes the Blind Leading the Blind! Mr. Sands and Ms. Swart fit the description. Sands still thinks simple logic can be hidden by showing a lemon and calling it an apple. His method of presenting numerous schemes of debt applied to normal citizens of Joseph continues. By labeling such rues under an array of different titles, we mortals might bite! Higher costs or fees or taxes still is just that, increased taxes. For Sands to continue trying to steal from us is an insult to our common sense. No sensible commoner would ever agree to his blind doggedness to raise taxes.

Ms. Swarts logic displays her utopian convictions. This being, if some folks can afford constant increases in taxes then let the commoners suffer for it. Her logic and Sands doggedness shows us all certain truths. This being all beaurocrats and politicians must justify their ignorance and positions held.

Hold fast mortals and vote against all such bills to steal from us.

Harlan Menton


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