To the Editor:

There was a letter to the editor on June 17th with a theme that the Sheriff does not have the authority to make a judgment on whether to enforce a particular law, in this case whether to enforce a recently passed UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun law!

Sadly the author has it all wrong as it is unconstitutional. The Sheriff takes an oath to Uphold the Constitution of the United States. All law enforcement officers as well as those in the military take the same oath ... I took that oath during my entrance into the military and was proud to have the privilege.

Instead of being critical of the Sheriff the letter writer should be thanking him because he is honoring the greatest law of the land and one of our most basic rights. I applaud Sheriff Rogers for having the courage to refuse to enforce a horrible and stupid law ... If we were to wait for the idiots to erase this bill that was so foolishly rushed into law it could take forever.

I read an article that Lane County passed a resolution to not honor this pathetic legislation and also many or all other County Sheriff’s are refusing to enforce it.

Every hunter, gun owner and collector should be thanking God we have a Sheriff that is honoring his oath of office and cares for those whom he represents. There should be so many letters pouring in to Editor, Rob Ruth that he will have to hire a Sherpa guide just to find his office!

Stormy Burns USN (Ret’d)


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