I received an unsolicited letter from Oregon Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) dated Feb. 15 that lists the very things we should question about the current Congress. The letter is too long to list in its entirety in this forum, so I am quoting one issue at a time. This week, the budget:

“Congress continues work to reduce wasteful spending and balance the federal budget. In recent years, we’ve enacted the most significant spending reductions in modern history, and the House and the Senate agreed to the first balanced budget agreement since 2001. That’s progress, but Congress still needs to pass a Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced budget so that taxpayers are protected no matter who is in control in Washington, D.C.”

If a man is defined by his actions, this Congress has been so defined. No reference in this letter has been made to national infrastructure (see America’s infrastructure report card, D+, American Society of Civil Engineers), family services (14.8 percent of U.S. families are impoverished, according to the Census Bureau), education (U.S. children rank 14th in a field of 40 global nations, via ranking america.wordpress) or renewable energy. It seems apparent that increased funding for the military and veterans benefits was accomplished at the expense of every fabric of our nation while Congress enacted “the most significant spending reductions in modern history.”

Congress has given us a global police force to the detriment of national health.

If you think I am being critical of Rep. Walden or his letter, that is not the case. The entire Congress must be questioned, and we voters need to be more selective of our representatives.

As my dear ol’ Daddy used to say when exasperated with my brothers and myself, it is time to “clean house.”

David Ebbert


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