Steve Rogers has been our neighbor for over two years, and in that time we’ve grown to love the man as a close friend and as our sheriff. The former, because of his colorful, straight-forward authenticity and avid generosity. The latter, because he’s driven to do what’s right by values we share; namely, love of family, friends, community and freedom from tyranny.

Though our opinions on a variety of issues often differ, we’ve never felt hesitant to engage in debate with Steve. He remains open and candid, with a respectful ear and refreshing humility. You get what you see and hear: a tall, lanky, horse-sense fella with an unwavering dedication to service of community ... and a waggish smile.

There’s no power-trip there, nothing of the smug superiority you sometimes get in a man of the law. Steve is an example of and inspiration for the kind of people we should all strive to be: fallible but self-reflective and honest; heartfelt and tenacious; a man of deep-rooted moral code and courage to put himself on the line for others.

There’s a reason why the Association of Western Sheriffs made Steve the Sergeant-at-Arms of its board of directors. It’s the same reason he was elected sheriff of Wallowa County. And, it’s the reason why he should be re-elected for another four years: he’s a man with a long record of tested leadership, integrity, and critical thinking. He’s a singular character that we cherish as a friend and support wholeheartedly as our sheriff.

Dustin Lyons


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