To the Editor:

My home is at Wallowa Lake on Pollock Road, which is the road that leads into the Creating Memories for Disabled Children development.

Mr. Ken Coreson stopped me on this road several weeks ago. (He is chairman of the Memories organization.) After telling me how harassed he had been he then assured me that the closure of public access to the falls his group had instituted was only temporary. According to the dictionary temporary means, “lasting for a limited time.” What does “limited time” mean? Access has been denied since early spring and is still in effect today.

At the time of our conversation they were expecting their first guest.

I have enjoyed meditative walks to the falls for sixty years. This experience has been shared with my children and subsequently with my grandchildren. My first awareness of the closure occurred this spring when my grandson, Adam, came for a visit. He wanted to share this favorite childhood activity with his five-year old sons only to be turned away! How sad! For many a walk to our beautiful falls is a treasured part of the Wallowa Lake experience. I daresay hundreds of visitors have been denied this opportunity!

Mr. Coreson was invited to speak at the Labor Day meeting of the Wallowa Lake Home Owners Association. He did not come nor did he send a representative. It seems to me a valuable chance for some sort of clarification was missed!

I do believe providing disabled children with a special outdoor experience is a noble endeavor. To do so at the expense of respectful neighbors and visitors seems extreme at the very least.

I feel it is time for Mr. Coreson, chairman of Creating Memories for Disabled Children to explain, “Temporary.”

Gail Swart


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