Time for columnist to address the real issues

We have read with interest the column “Let’s Roll” on the opinion page. But who is the intended audience?

“Let’s Roll” repeats the Fox News narrative; perhaps that audience enjoys seeing their biases confirmed in the Chieftain. But if it is intended to convert the skeptical, it is unsuccessful for these reasons.

The arguments lack logic. The final sentence of the first column (Aug. 29) was, “Please note this article was based on facts, logic and verifiable history. Conclusion: Lock Her Up!”

Any high school course in critical thinking identifies this as a non sequitur. There were no facts presented, nor a logical argument to justify the conclusion. As to verifiable history, Hillary Clinton has never been charged with a crime.

The arguments are not factual and make little sense. For example, “When Obama won, Republicans never denied the legitimacy of the election process.”

Is the author serious? The president is a notorious birther who consistently denies the legitimacy of the Obama presidency.

And, “‘Now Democrats have gone completely berserk trying to deny that Trump won the election.” This is the straw man fallacy.

Few deny that he won the election. None of the comments by Holder, Waters and Clinton deny the election results; they suggest strategy in response to the election results.

The pink pussy hat demonstrations and Stormy Daniels controversy do not deny the election results; they were demonstrations against the decency of the man. “Let’s Roll” losses credibility when falsehoods are claimed as truth.

There are many important issues that a conservative columnist could address such education, immigration, job creation and health care. We recommend that someone with “time to think” give these issues thoughtful consideration.

Ron and Terry Polk


Political problem is with humans

In response to last week’s “Let’s Roll” column:

The point of view expressed does nothing to fix the problem, instead it adds fuel to the fire which is already burning pretty hot. Instead, perhaps the author should be thinking of a solution.

Are we all a part of this insanity? Absolutely! The problem is not the Dems or the Republicans; the problem is humans. It is easy to become blinded by one side so you do not see the fault of your own.

What is happening in our country today is a symptom of what our culture has become. Our world is in major chaos, and until we see our own individual part in this insanity nothing will change.

Instead of pointing the finger and blaming, we need to come together collectively and respect each other. Not as a Democrat or as a Republican, but as a human being. The only way for us to heal as a country is to start with ourselves.

There are a lot of angry people everywhere on the political spectrum and hatred is contagious and growing. So, I ask all those who read this: What is your roll in all of this and what are you going to do about it to make things better for everyone?

Karla Holme



Time to close the taxing loopholes

In 1996, Oregon voters passed a constitutional amendment requiring a supermajority vote on all revenue raising legislation. Politicians have created loopholes to get around the state’s constitutional requirement for a three-fifths supermajority to raise taxes on Oregon families and small businesses.

Measure 104 will close the loopholes and make sure politicians follow the State Constitution. It also ensures that any legislation that raises revenue requires a three-fifths majority vote. This includes fees or the elimination of tax exemptions, deductions or credits –– making it clear that Oregonians are fed up with politicians working behind closed doors to increase taxes.

Oregon lawmakers voted for a billion dollars in higher taxes within the past year –– 10 cent gas tax increase, new payroll tax and car sales tax, car registration and title fees hike, truck mileage tax hike (up 25 percent), family health insurance premium tax ($330 million), small business tax ($376 million) and hunting and fishing license fee hike.

Oregon now ranks among the top 10 states in the country in terms of individual tax burden, according to the Tax Foundation. While Measure 104 won’t stop every tax increase, it will make it a little harder and ensure that there is broader bi-partisan support.

Measure 104 sends a message to politicians: It tells them that we want better management of our tax dollars. There’s currently no political will to make tough decisions.

Measure 104 forces politicians to eliminate waste before they come back to us for more money or find new ways to raise taxes. Please join us in voting for Measure 104.

Rodney and Linda Botts



‘Choice’ was up to Gov. Brown

The “choice” of Gov. Kate Brown was to sign House Bill 3391 in 2017, a multi-million dollar bill significantly increasing taxpayer funding for abortion. HB 3391 was voted on by State lawmakers as an “emergency” preventing the tax bill from being referred for a public vote in accordance with the State Constitution.

Taxpayers also pay for high insurance premiums that include coverage for abortion they may not want or need.

Fact: Oregon is the only state in the United States with no limit on access to abortion at any stage of pregnancy including late term abortion of viable birth.

Fact: Oregon as well as every state in country has Christian charities who offer “free” and caring support to mothers of all ages for alternatives to abortion.

Thanks to Oregon Life United, the sponsors of Measure 106, all Oregon voters have a “choice.” My Choice is “yes” on Measure 106 and a stop to taxpayer funded abortions.

Susan Joy Barcik



Who does he really represent anyway?

Greg Walden is not representing Oregonians. Who does he represent? Look at his record.

He took $1,605,986 from the telecommunications industry 1989-2017, more than any other member of the House of Representatives.

So it is no surprise that he came out against Internet neutrality and against the interests of consumers like us. Since 2007, he collected $851,042 from the pharmaceutical lobby with $269,800 of that just since 2017.

He voted to repeal sections of the Affordable Care Act so that it would become unworkable, leaving people with no health insurance. He voted for a tax bill that runs up the federal deficit and is a give-away to corporations and the super-rich.

He voted to disallow states like Oregon the ability to have their own new type of retirement plans. He voted to repeal the rule that energy companies disclose payments to foreign governments.

He voted to delay the implementation of ozone standards. He voted against regulating CO2 in our environment. He voted against protecting our streams from mining.

He voted to authorize the importation of polar bear parts from Canada into the U.S. He voted to allow the import and export of elephant ivory.

He voted to disapprove grants from the National Science Foundation for scientific research. He voted to repeal bank regulations that were enacted to protect consumers from another financial debacle.

He hides from his constituents and is afraid to hold a public town hall. He has forgotten who he is supposed to be representing. He is out of step with Oregonians.

Vote for Jamie Mcleod Skinner. She will represent those of us in Oregon.

Mark Lacey



He is a tireless worker for causes

We own property in Wallowa County and live here several months a year. One of the first people we met here was John Hillock.

Many winters ago, after a long day of travel from Florida, we arrived at our old double-wide trailer on a frigid wintry Friday night. Our water lines were frozen at the pump.

We called Enterprise Electric. John answered and quickly came up the Slope to help us. He didn’t know us from Adam, but he didn’t hesitate to help a couple of strangers. Since then, we have had many encounters with John, both professional and personal.

We know John to be a responsive, fair, hard-working businessman, but more importantly, he is a tireless worker for community causes. His enthusiasm for Wallowa County has motivated us into supporting local endeavors.

John is open-minded and passionate about the well-being of the county. He understands the many facets that make up Wallowa County –– ranching, farming, retail, construction, education, medical, arts, natural resources and tourism, and he will be an avid steward of all varied county resources.

We encourage Wallowa County residents to vote for John Hillock for county commissioner.

George and Beth Morris


He has always been there to help

The Hillock family and the Nash family moved to Wallowa County about the same time 50 years ago and quickly became part of the community ... working hard to make a living and at the same time volunteering to improve our county.

Nothing about that has changed for John Hillock in all these years. Some people do, not just for themselves or their family, but for their friends and neighbors as well. A vote for John will be a vote for Wallowa County, whether you are a newcomer as we once were or if you have been here for generations.

Ken and Annie Nash


Charley and Ramona Phillips


Frohlander lends her support

If you are still trying to decide how to vote on Nov. 6, let me tell you why I believe Mona K. Williams is the best candidate for Circuit Court Judge.

She is fair, honest, hardworking and passionate about access to justice and ensuring public safety. Mona is a genuine person — what you see is what you get — and she will stand by the decisions she makes. She is the first person to work in the morning, and the last one to leave at the end of the day.

She will thoroughly research the issues, listen to what you have to say and make an informed decision. As a prosecutor, Mona, took an oath to uphold the Constitution, which grants rights and protections to victims and defendants. A judge must balance the rights of the accused, the rights of the victim, and the interests of the public.

As a prosecutor, she balanced these competing interests on a daily basis; Mona is the only candidate who has worked as a prosecutor. A defense attorney must zealously advocate for the client; Mona has represented defendants in the criminal justice system and understands the importance of this role.

Mona has experienced crime first-hand, and understands the impact on the victim, the vital role of victims’ rights and the need to protect the victim and the public through the criminal justice process. Mona is the only candidate who has worked with participants through the treatment court program.

She recognizes how addiction drives crime, and how addressing the underlying addiction and other barriers can transform the lives of the offenders and their families, to prevent continued criminal conduct.

Mona has 17 years working in a private civil practice and understands the citizens of Wallowa County and the complex issues they face. Mona has extensive knowledge of both civil and criminal law.

She has worked with individuals from all walks of life, and recognizes that every individual who enters the court system deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Mona has always endeavored to do what is right, not what is popular.

This is paramount for a judge, to preserve the integrity in the court process.

Rebecca J. Frolander


Frolander is Wallowa County District Attorney.

Law enforcement supports Mona

The Union County Law Enforcement Association is proud to support Judge Mona K. Williams for Oregon’s 10th Judicial District Court. The Oregon Tenth Judicial District Court encompasses Union and Wallowa Counties.

Many of the Union County sheriff’s deputies have worked with and alongside her since 2007 in Union and Wallowa counties. During Mona’s time as District Attorney for Wallowa County she has shown she is ethically and morally responsible, dedicated and passionate. Mona was appointed by the Governor as the replacement for Judge Russell West in the 10th Judicial District Court of Oregon on June 1.

Since her appointment, she has displayed the same ethical and moral standards, which we deputies seek and similarly expect for the citizens of Union and Wallowa counties. One of the most important qualities that Mona possesses is her ability to have a working relationship and the trust of the law enforcement community that is unsurpassed by any other candidate.

Having a former defense attorney (Judge Thomas Powers) and a former prosecutor (Judge Mona Williams) on the bench together gives a balanced approach that our local government needs.

We have observed Mona’s tough stance against offenders found guilty of crimes committed against citizens. She is not afraid to hold the offenders fully accountable, including prison time if necessary.

On more minor cases, she is willing to give second chances when and where they are appropriate. In our opinion she is the most morally sound, firm and fair-minded candidate.

We as a whole believe she will best serve Union and Wallowa counties and the citizens

Cody Bowen

La Grande

Bowen is president of Union County Law Enforcement Association.

Union County DA says elect Mona

I urge the citizens of Union and Wallowa counties to vote for Judge Mona K. Williams. I have worked with her in her capacity as Wallowa County District Attorney for nearly 10 years and have tried many cases against her opponent. It is with these experiences in mind that I endorse Mona.

I have had the pleasure of appearing in front of her now that she has taken the bench. I can attest that she is fair, thorough and compassionate to both sides of every issue.

She treats defendants with respect, and it is clear that she wants every party to have an opportunity to be heard. She is an honest person with outstanding character and integrity. Good people make great judges, and Mona is a good person.

She is the only candidate with prosecution experience. She is the only candidate who has worked with law enforcement to build a case to take to trial and keep a victim safe.

I know that when my office puts a victim on the stand, she will make sure that the courtroom is a safe place for them to testify, while making sure that the defendant’s rights are protected. She takes her commitments seriously, and is the hardest working lawyer I have ever known.

She respects law enforcement, believes in holding offenders accountable and is a champion for victims and children.

Kelsie McDaniel

La Grande

McDaniel is Union County District Attorney.

Mona strong on 2nd Amendment

As a sportsman, gun owner and life-long resident of Northeast Oregon, I join retired Judge Eric Valentine and many, if not most, of the legal and law enforcement community, in supporting Mona K. Williams for circuit court judge of the 10th Judicial District.

I have known Mona for more than 50 years, and she has always displayed the highest level of integrity, honesty, fairness and understanding.

Having grown up and lived in Wallowa County for most of her life, She understands and appreciates the unique challenges of life in rural communities. She has and will continue to apply the law fairly to both the victims and defendants in a way that strives to create equitable solutions.

It has been suggested that Mona is not strong on the Second Amendment, which protects gun ownership rights. I can assure that nothing is farther from the truth.

She is surrounded by a family of responsible hunters and gun owners, including her own sons, and will continue to protect Second Amendment rights for all responsible gun owners.

Mona was strongly encouraged to apply to fulfill the term of retiring Judge West and was found to be the most experienced, most qualified and best choice overall. I believed it then and I continue to believe it now.

I am voting for Mona, and I encourage everyone and particularly sportsmen to consider giving her your support also.

Chuck Sarrett

La Grande

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