To the Editor:

The US Forest Service has sunk to a new low in Eastern Oregon, that is, they have decided that you are too dangerous a group of people to be informed as to what roads they plan to close in your mountains. How do I know that, because I have received a response telling me so.

While they put out propaganda of how they want to engage with you on the National Forest, but when I or anyone else requests documents to engage, we are told we may cause “injury to the quality of the agency decision.” let me emphasis, we, the people of Eastern Oregon may cause injury because we received a document to educate ourselves with.

Much like the Mullahs’ in the mosaics of Afghanistan, the US Forest Service means to keep you ignorant as to what is going on around you. Communities and citizens are easier to control if they are kept from the truth of what’s going on around them and the decisions a few are making for the larger population. See, you/we/I are too dumb, too backwards, too unenlightened to understand the complexities of such ecological process, or are we?

I have a college education in natural resource, I know that water flows downhill and that active management techniques play a greater role in meeting the public’s needs than exclusion of use. I know that there is a “tread lightly” campaign being pushed by a small minority on the upper echelons of the US Forest Service where man is looked at as a disease on the landscape and not a part of it. But most importantly I know this. You and I are not dumb, backwards or unenlightened.

It’s a lie, and we are dealing with liars in the leadership positions of the forest service, from the supervisor’s office up. If you want to keep your mountains open you are going to have to dig in and fight, are you willing to do that? I hope so, because your kids and grandkids right to access depends on it.

John George


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